Facebook Live Video vs Periscope: What’s Right for You?

Live video streaming is all the rage, and Facebook is taking aim at category-leader Periscope with its Live Video feature. Like extended Snapchats, live video streaming lets you show your friends, in real-time, the goings-on around you, and lets you interact with your friends during the broadcast.

Facebook has made the toolfor all iPhone users in the U.S., and I took it for a spin to see how the experience differed from Periscope.

To say which service is better is nearly impossible: both Periscope and Facebook have their advantages and disadvantages. Periscope appeals to a more public, ephemeral audience that values higher viewer numbers and likes over intimacy, while Facebook Live Video is great for those who want to stream to a specific group of close friends and foster discussion. Facebook lets your viewers replay your video forever, while Periscope keeps your clip up for just 24 hours after your broadcast.

makes it more appealing for extreme sports fans, but Facebook’s privacy settings let those who want to share their world with a specific audience have greater control.