HP: News on More TouchPads in the ‘Next Few Days’

HP last week ignited chatter of additional TouchPad stock with a ‘notify me’ page instructing interested parties to sign up for an email when more stock became available. This, combined with a blog post that said there would be more available ‘shortly’ has bargain-hungry gadget hounds whipped into a frenzy. Nobody wants to miss out on the incredible $99 TouchPad deal a second time so they want to know when exactly the new stock will be arriving.

In, HP’s Mark Budgell clarified some points about additional TouchPad stock and reiterated how shocked HP was at the overwhelming demand for the tablet.

The Q&A included in his post also addresses some rather important questions, such as, will there be more stock for those outside the United States? (No.) Budgell says in the FAQ that when the new stock does arrive, everyone who signed up for the email will be sent it at the same time. He also says the company will have more information on the availability of extra stock in the next few days. In response to concerns that some folk were ordering multiple TouchPads just to sell them online, Budgell says that when additional stock becomes available, HP will be limiting the number of TouchPads each customer can buy.

Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more on this as soon as we hear anything!