Meet Sony’s Colorful New MP3 Player

One month after a successful release in Asia, Sony has just announced its brand new Walkman B series with two new USB-stick styled MP3 player models. This colorful new mp3 player is ultra portable with its four inch (10 centimeter) length and 28g weight. One of the new features being marketed is its quick charging capabilities that support 90 minutes of continuous play from a mere three-minute charge.

With a battery life of up to 18-hours and its quick charging capabilities, Walkman B owners will never have to worry about battery problems. Supporting MP3 and WMA files, the Walkman B comes in a 4GB and 2GB model supporting approximately 980 or 470 songs respectively. One of the great features of the device is that you don’t need to carry around a charger or USB cable. The user simply has to remove the cap and plug the device itself into a computer to be charged and synced.

Another new feature that was added to the Walkman B series is a bass boost option that provides amplified low-range power along with sound activated illumination of the colorful LED ring circling the controls. Available in red, black, green, blue and pink, the brand new Walkman B series is a perfect stylish and colorful alternative to pricey large mp3 players with its $47 and $57 price tag.